Faculty of Fine Arts

Dean's Message

The Faculty of Fine Arts regards art education as an indispensable element in creating a contemporary society. The faculty embraces the idea of learning through experience and within its four-year education programme, aims to encourage students to be independent, creative, innovative, critical artists and designers, able to interpret global affairs via art. The basic education principles of the Faculty of Fine Arts are as follows:

  • To use modern technology in all aspects of education,
  • To make art more effective and more widely appreciated on all levels of life and education,
  • To achieve interdisciplinary relations and interactions in arts via joint courses, workshops and seminars,
  • To be engaged in active education and production through extracurricular, off-campus events and activities,
  • To develop and practice effective education techniques and principles,
  • To improve, continuously and course evaluation methods,
  • To identify and, situate the role of information technologies in creative venues, critical thought and social life,
  • To create and independent, individual, dynamic and interactive learning environment,
  • To research and provide solutions for various national issues,
  • To establish new departments and branches of art according to national conditions and needs.

Prof.  Hamdi ÜNAL
Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts