A Message from the Head of Department
Faculty of Fine Arts

A Message from the Head of Department

The Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts located at the Beykent University School of Applied Sciences was established in Beylikdüzü settlement in 2012. The department with a 4-year undergraduate degree is a professional and academic-focused department with a multidisciplinary approach to education and teaching, offering practical and theoretical information in a synthesis. The department has a fully equipped professional practice kitchen where cooking techniques are taught, all the fineness of Turkish and international cuisines are taught, and students are blended with theoretical knowledge and hands-on lectures. The courses such as food hygiene and nutrition which are prepared by preparing healthful and safe foods and thinking of protecting the health of the people and the management such as business management, cost accounting, entrepreneurship and restaurant management which have a priority on entrepreneurship, develop the sense of responsibility in the students and have important added value in the formation of managerial qualities, a training service is provided.

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts departments and Erasmus students are offered the opportunity to study abroad for one semester or one year at different universities related to the department both within the scope of Farabi Student Exchange Programme.

Students will prepare themselves for professional business life by undertaking compulsory internships in catering establishments, institutional food producing enterprises, hotels, holiday villages, etc. in the last period of the 4th academic year. Furthermore, seminars, interviews, sector trips and visits and information and experience transfers will be provided to the students periodically during the 4-year training period so that the expert academicians will be able to process the information given to them in a synthesis that is gained in business life. The chapter will be completed with a finishing project to be held in the fourth year.

Department The aim is to develop the efficiency and efficiency in food and beverage businesses in various fields, equipped with academic knowledge and having the sectoral skills gained in the academic platform, who knows all the subtleties of Turkish and world culinary arts in the best way and has all sorts of equipment related to kitchen design, To develop successful leaders and executives who have managerial skills and knowledge, who are prone to teamwork, innovative, creative, entrepreneurial, observer and analysing, solve problems in the fastest and shortest time,

The medium of instruction of the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts is Turkish. English preparatory education is optional.

The Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts is accredited with "Conditional Accreditation" by TURAK (Tourism Education Evaluation and Accreditation Board), which is the only organization authorized by the Higher Education Quality Board (YÖKAK) in the field of 'tourism'.


Asst. Prof. Feyza TATAR TURAN

Head of Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts