Faculty of Fine Arts

A Message from the Head of Department

Today, effective communication is connected to the vehicle due to the technology used. In the context of human-technology association, the use of the technology is intended to establish an effective communication with the audience combined with the design skills. This requires quality design in all areas of communication.

Communication and Design Department is a programme that aims to provide vision, perception and practical ideas for improving student learning by combining traditional and modern technologies. Art and social sciences courses in the programme are processed as integrated with the practice lessons. Students are given theoretical knowledge of the mass media tools, mean while they are gained skills to apply in the area of design. So, Programme develops aesthetic perception and increases creative thinking. 

In this context, Programme aims to train individuals self-renewing with the rise in their ability to design, and capable of combining creativity and multi-media dynamics in order to produce creative design solutions. This programme is designed for communicators who can use visual language and transform it to visual messages. 

Turkish is the medium of instruction. One year English preparatory school is optional.

Asst. Prof. Pınar CEYLAN
Head of Communication and Design Department