A Message from the Head of Department
Faculty of Fine Arts

A Message from the Head of Department

Graphic Design is in view of paper design, plastic design, mobile design and design. Graphic Design as visual communication; It combines the cultural practice being archived from the art collection with practical possibilities and the universal means of communication inherent in it. Graphic design; They are effective and strategic structures in shaping the way of life with the power to communicate universal social choices. A visual tool when combined with art and tool is a tool for tool planning, product and goal planning. These developments require industry designers.
In the design of this design, design-like design, visual-like design in its own design, design-design, design-like design, visual-like design adopt a multi-faceted education understanding that considers this profession, whether theoretical or not, with education such as design design, design like design, design like design, design practice like design, education history, usage, vocational and art education.

Educational trainings, educational designs and educational designs. In addition, people who are close to the sector with their interns are preparing for the course, and they are trained with universal criteria as designers in their educational needs.

Students are admitted to Beykent University with a Special Ability Exam (BÜÖYS).

The medium of instruction in the Graphic Design Department is Turkish. English preparatory education is optional.

Assoc. Prof. Nihat Dursun
Head of Graphic Design Department