A Message from the Head of Department
Faculty of Fine Arts

A Message from the Head of Department

The aim of the Textile and Fashion Design Department is to educate the textile artists and designers who possess high artistic and aesthetic values, for our country’s textile and related production and marketing sectors. The students of our department also learn design education and manufacturing methods education.

The students of the department take basic art courses that form the foundations of all art and design disciplines on the first year of their education. These courses lead the students’ ways during their education and professional careers. The first year of the education also covers the courses of basic concepts of art, history of art, textile technology, fabric structures, and the professional orientation.

The students learn the theoretical knowledge as well as carrying out studio practices on the basic areas of the textile such as weaving, printing, knitting and fashion courses. During the education, the functional textile objects that are suitable for the production and design principles of sector are produced.

The advanced computer programmes are taught at all practical courses (weaving, printing, knitting, fashion), in order to comply with the contemporary technology.

The Department accepts the students with a Special Talent Examination.

Turkish is the medium of instruction. One year English preparatory school is optional.


Asst. Prof. Alev Çırpıcı
Head of Department