A Message from the Head of Department
Faculty of Fine Arts

A Message from the Head of Department

The Department of Radio, Television and Cinema (Turkish) aims to educate film and television programme makers whose artistic and creative sides are advanced, and who are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to produce films. Using latest technologies, the programme provides students with extensive experience in scriptwriting, directing, production, cinematography, sound design and editing. The programme aims to promote contemporary artists engaged in critical thinking and interpretation.

During their freshman and sophomore years, students acquire theoretical knowledge of the fundamental principles of cinema and television, and encounter basic ethical and aesthetic concepts under their lecturers’ guidance. In their junior and senior years, they complete the education with practical coursework and independent film projects produced in a free environment.

By the period, computer labs, a television studio with professional capability and one of the national TV channels Beykent Tv are open to use for the students. Students have the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops held by directors, producers, actors and professionals from cinema and TV serial businesses. Graduates of the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema (Turkish) have the opportunity to pursue careers in cinema, television or multimedia. The students educated by national, international professionals and academicians may specialise and take part in all aspects of the production process as film directors, producers, scriptwriters, assistant directors, directors of photography, sound designers or editors.

English is the medium of instruction. English preparatory school is optional.

Graduates have the possibility to continue their education in M.A in Cinema and Television at Beykent University, Institute of Social Sciences.

Assoc. Prof. Ulaş IŞIKLAR
Head of Radio, Television and Cinema (English) Department