Faculty of Fine Arts

A Message from the Head of Department

Art, as a means of expression for thinking, producing and enlightening the society is an envoy extending from the local to the universal. It is an undeniable fact that art makes the development of individuals and the advancement of societies. It is true that public sector and private sector organizations play a very important role with the contribution they make to artificiality in this progress.

The social conditions in our country, the inadequacy in material resources, the pressure created by the increasing population on investment possibilities load with certain notions to the resources that are being allocated and make their rational and objective use obligatory. Therefore, it is necessary for the art operators to be well educated, equipped and competent in the field.

Our university, in order to meet this need, has established the Department of Performance arts Management under the Faculty of Fine Arts with the aim of educating specialists and managerial candidates who understand the original structure of art and who know the basic principles of business, economy and marketing and who can use administrative and legal instruments with success and self-sacrifice.

The graduates of the Department of Performance arts Management are ready to assume leadership roles in today's local and global arts environments in the field of management and organization of visual arts and performance arts.

Beykent University receives students with Special Ability Examination (BÜÖYS). Turkish is the medium of instruction in the Department of Performance arts Management. English Preparatory Education is optional.